Sunday, February 21, 2010

The British are Coming!

Nope, Its just me in my new red coat.
Finally I have my hands on a red coat that I've wanted for years! I made a trade with a friend, my cardigan for her coat. I can't wait to fix it up. It's old and the lining in the sleeves is ripped, but I plan to replace it with a softer, warmer lining. One button was already missing.They were plastic and cheap looking anyway, so I removed the rest of them. I cant wait to find some old vintage buttons to put on it! The coat is from Forever 21, not my favorite store, but I really liked the crown on the tag, I might keep it to sew into my new lining. And I am in love with the little puffed sleeves, so cute. Let the makeover begin!


DawnWillBreak said...

Love it! Love it! Pure genius!

Mon Dossier said...

I was so shocked when Megan said she would trade me for my gray and white Abercrombie cardigan. At first i was apprehensive, but then I realized that it was the deal of a century. (for me at least)

DawnWillBreak said...