Monday, February 22, 2010

j'aime des films

I was going to make a post with all of the movies I loved before I realized I had over 20 listed in my "Movies To Check Out" book. That seemed boring and repetitive to list all of them so I decided to only post my favorite movies of the month, old or new. Since its only February and I don't want January to get left out we'll start there:
Favorite movie for January is... Dorian Gray!!!
Oh Ben Barnes, and I thought you won me over in The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Well, I haven't exactly watched this movie but the cover says enough ;). I had to order this DVD off eBay because it isn't sold in America. That should have been a giveaway that my DVD player doesn't play that region of DVDs. I'm Dying to watch this!

February Movie Favorites...

Julie and Julia
Going in the top 20 of ALL time. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams get an A+ in my book(literally, I put that in my movie book). I can't say enough good things about this movie. If you love cooking its a MUST watch.

Valentine's Day
Stole my heart. Ashton Kutcher can make any movie. Him along with the other dozen of famous actors and actresses made this a memorable movie I'll watch again and again. Not to mention the shirtless scene of Eric Dane jogging on the beach. But all in all its def. one of my favorites and new annual valentines day movie. (Bonus points for a good soundtrack that I downloaded)

Hot Tea Please

Ahhhh! the sweet relief you get from those two words: SNOW DAY!
There's not a better remedy to chase away a case of the Mondays. Now I have time to work on my Etsy projects and maybe even study for that chem test I missed on Friday(not likely). I polished my nails with Revlon's 'Cherries in the Snow', I felt it was an appropriate color for this celebratory day. I've never been more ready for spring, but when stuff like this happens it makes the winter weather all worth it. ...well, for today at least. Orange and Spice tea in my wintery blue mug sounds like just the thing I need to make this day even better! 15 more hours of this no school bliss.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The British are Coming!

Nope, Its just me in my new red coat.
Finally I have my hands on a red coat that I've wanted for years! I made a trade with a friend, my cardigan for her coat. I can't wait to fix it up. It's old and the lining in the sleeves is ripped, but I plan to replace it with a softer, warmer lining. One button was already missing.They were plastic and cheap looking anyway, so I removed the rest of them. I cant wait to find some old vintage buttons to put on it! The coat is from Forever 21, not my favorite store, but I really liked the crown on the tag, I might keep it to sew into my new lining. And I am in love with the little puffed sleeves, so cute. Let the makeover begin!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Etsy Things

Oh Etsy, another thing that's been on my mind. Just like this blog, I've had an empty Etsy account waiting for me to pursue it.The other day my Grandma made me a cute pin cushion that looks like a hat. It inspired me to make some to sell, I've been needing something to start selling on Etsy. My original idea, fairy houses, have proved to fail. They will get done! eventually... [fact # 2: I am a HUGE procrastinator].I went to Joann's to get some material for these pin cushions, off to a good start...

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Post

Hello There! To introduce myself I wont start by telling you my name. I am a 16 year old average high school student living on an Island(not tropical or exciting, but you do have to take a bridge to get here, so it is in fact an "island"). As of right now, I should be in school, but instead I'm creating this blog and eating cheerios (It's a problem, I've ate a whole bag in one day)Don't get the wrong impression now! I'm not skipping school, I ate bad pasta and had terrible stomach cramps all night! [Fact # 1: I hate stomach cramps, I think I'd rather endure any other pain.] For some reason I've been putting off my first post. Ive had this blog for a year and haven't done anything with it. I've been waiting for the perfect moment. For some reason on the day that I decide school isn't a good idea and cheerios and tea sound like an ideal breakfast the thought of my first post came to my mind.I have no clue who's even reading this, I could just be rambling to myself (that's nothing new) but for all you who happen to stumble across this bored American teenagers blog, my name is Tara.