Friday, February 19, 2010

First Post

Hello There! To introduce myself I wont start by telling you my name. I am a 16 year old average high school student living on an Island(not tropical or exciting, but you do have to take a bridge to get here, so it is in fact an "island"). As of right now, I should be in school, but instead I'm creating this blog and eating cheerios (It's a problem, I've ate a whole bag in one day)Don't get the wrong impression now! I'm not skipping school, I ate bad pasta and had terrible stomach cramps all night! [Fact # 1: I hate stomach cramps, I think I'd rather endure any other pain.] For some reason I've been putting off my first post. Ive had this blog for a year and haven't done anything with it. I've been waiting for the perfect moment. For some reason on the day that I decide school isn't a good idea and cheerios and tea sound like an ideal breakfast the thought of my first post came to my mind.I have no clue who's even reading this, I could just be rambling to myself (that's nothing new) but for all you who happen to stumble across this bored American teenagers blog, my name is Tara.

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